Rice Lake 2010 Big Fish Winners

At the recent Rice Lake Tourist Association meeting November 10th, the following were selected as the 2010 winners of the annual Big Fish contest. Congratulations to all!

Carp Nick Reid, Lancaster Ohio; 16 lb. 3 oz;
Southview Cottages
Catfish Mike Matthew, Mississauga, On; 1 lb. 3 oz;
Southview Cottages
Crappie Norman Weaver, Swanton, Ohio; 1 lb. 6 oz;
Southview Cottages
Largemouth Bass Sue Turskey, Orrville, Ohio; 5 lb. 13 oz;
Southview Cottages
Muskie Jay Moore, Fort Jennings, Ohio; 35 lb.;50”length; 23.5” girth;
Sunshine Cove Resort
Perch Chris Cigolea, Guelph, On; 1 lb. 2 oz;
Silver Leaf Cottages
Rockbass Tyson Burley, Castleton, On; 11 oz;
Alpine Resort
Smallmouth Bass Aaron Yoder, Sugarcreek, Ohio; 5 lb. 9 oz; 22.5” length; 16.5” girth;
Muskie Bay Resort
Sunfish Bria Campbell, Circleville, Ohio; 10 oz;
Southview Cottages
Walleye Jim Joynson, Oakville, On; 3.5 lbs; 19” length; 7.5” girth;
Lang’s Resort
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