Serpent Mounds Park Update

The Serpent Mounds Park is a National Historic Site of Canada and has been in the possession of Hiawartha First Nation since 1933. It is a major component of the community’s cultural heritage and pride, economic infrastructure, business base, and source of employment.  For over 40 years, the Park was leased to the Province of Ontario and operated as a seasonal campground. In 1995 it reverted back to Hiawatha First Nation’s control, and continued to operate as a transient campground and cultural resource centre, with the community taking great pride in being the stewards/protectors of this important sacred land.

In 2002 the Park was designated a National Historic Site of Canada, for its exceptionally complete record of life for a period of 350 years ending about 300 A.D. , and the burial mounds shaped in the likeness of a serpent, the only of its kind in Canada.

In 2007 a long-term strategic plan was developed for the Park to help reposition itself in the ever changing tourism climate. Upon completion of this plan the Park will offer a full range of services, activities and cultural/recreational programs designed to address the needs of today’s tourist traveller. Future development will include the construction of a new cultural facility, with interpretative educational content on the history and significance of the Serpent Mounds site.

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