Tourism Rebounds!

Good news – tourism in the Rice Lake area has made a positive come back! With the great summer weather and the price of gas remaining steady, tourists have come by boat, cars and RV’s to the area.  Although the stays have been shorter from 2 to 3 days, the trend seems to be to come back again at a later date. All this is good news for the tourist operators on Rice Lake!

Slowly tourism has rebounded throughout the province with vacationers taking shorter and more frequent trips to their area of choice and we are glad that Rice Lake is part of that cycle.  To this end Northumberland County has recognized the need to promote Rice Lake as a unique attraction within their tourism boundaries and will be hiring a destination development coordinator to develop a strategy to enhance Rice Lake as a unique area attraction.

The Coordinator will also work with local tourism stakeholders to development and implement destination initiatives as outlined in the County’s 3-year Destination Development Strategy that will improve Northumberland’s competitiveness in the marketplace, and stimulate local economic activity by increasing visitation, tourism revenues and ultimately more local jobs!

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