Fishing on Rice Lake

A very fertile shallow lake, Rice Lake is home to many species of fish. The lake is very shallow with a maximum depth is 27 ft. Weedbeds and mudflats are abundant and contribute to the lake’s great fertility. Panfish are abundant and provide food for predatory fish, such as bass, walleye, and muskie. Public access to Rice lake is available by public launches located in Roseneath and Bewdley.

Each year the Rice Lake Tourist Association hosts a Big Fish Contest allowing participants to showcase their catch. If a tournament is more your style, consider entering the Crappie Derby or the Walleye Tournament. When it comes to fishing Rice Lake is the place to be! (Hint! if you are looking for that extra little bit of help, check out the Rice Lake Road and Fishing Map)

Open Fishing Season

Open fishing season on Rice Lake

2020 Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary

The Summary: licences, catch limits, bait and gear restrictions, even maps to show you what rules apply in what areas. It’s all in one convenient reference.


Check out great pictures of the 2019 RLTA Big Fish Contest winners!