RLTA Big Fish Contest

Rice Lake, Ontario is a prime destination for people who like fishing. Panfish, Walleye, Bluegill, Muskie or Bass, are all in abundance. Each year the Rice Lake Tourist Association (RLTA) resorts continues its long tradition of an annual Big Fish Contest. RLTA member resort guests can take their catch to the management of their resort to see if it qualifies. If so, an entry form is filled out your fish is entered in our contest.

2017 Big Fish Contest Winners

Big Fish Contest: CrappieCRAPPIE
Brad Dykema: Hamilton, MI
w: 1 lb, 4 oz  l: 14.25″  g: 11″
(Sunset Cove Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: PikeNORTHERN PIKE
Kim Miller: Millersburg, OH
w: 8 lb  l: 29″  g: na
(Alpine Resort)
Big Fish Contest: BluegillBLUEGILL
Mike Phillips: Oregon, OH
w: 8 oz  l: 9.25″  g: na
(Sunset Cove Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: CarpCARP
Hunter Vanderkooi: Muskegan, MI
w: 16 lb, 11 oz  l: 33″  g: na
(Sunset Cove Cottages) 
Big Fish Contest: RockbassROCK BASS
Laura Fosnaugh: Groveport, OH
w: 13.5 oz  l: 10″  g: 9″
(Southview Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: PerchPERCH
Michael Giamati: Akron, OH
w: 1 lb, 3 oz  l: 13.75″  g: 9″
(Lang’s Resort)
Big Fish Contest: CatfishCATFISH
A.J. Betleyoun: Springfield, OH
w: 1 lb, 2 oz  l: 14″  g: 8.5″
(Southview Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: Largemouth BassLARGEMOUTH BASS
Bert Verenne: Milton, ON
w: 5 lb, 2 oz  l: 21″ g: 19″
(Twin Cedars Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: Smallmouth BassSMALLMOUTH BASS
Jeremy Sousa: Hamilton, ON
w: 4 lb, 1 oz  l: 21″  g: 13.5″
(Southview Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: SunfishSUNFISH
Eric Burge: South Bend, IN
w: 7 oz  l: 8.5″  g: 8″
(Sunset Cove Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: Tiger MuskieTIGER MUSKIE
Deb Heil: Perrysburg, OH
w: na  l: 32″  g: na
(Curtis Point Cottages)
Big Fish Contest: WalleyeWALLEYE
Michael Giamati: Akron, OH
w: 2 lb, 7 oz  l: 19.75″  g: 7.375″
(Lang’s Resort)